Stat::Fit® Version 3
Distribution Fitting Software

Stat::Fit® statistically fits to your data the most useful analytical distribution. Its operation is intuitive, yet its help file extensive. The AutoFit function automatically fits continuous distributions, provides relative comparisons between distribution types, and an absolute measure of each distribution's acceptability. The Export function translates the fitted distribution into specific forms for simulation software. Features include descriptive statistics, parameter estimates, goodness of fit tests, graphical analysis, random variate generation, export to simulation products, and more. Up to 50,000 data points.

  • Distribution Fitting

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Parameter Estimates

  • Goodness of Fit Tests

  • Graphical Analysis

  • Export to Simulation Products

  • Random Variate Generation

  • Data Manipulation

  • Percentiles

  • Replications

Fitted Density


Beta, Binomial, Cauchy, Chi Squared, Discrete Uniform, Erlang, Exponential, Extreme ValueIA, Extreme Value IB, Gamma, Geometric, Hypergeometric, Inverse Gaussian, Inverse Weibull, Johnson SB, Johnson SU, Laplace, Levy, Logarithmic, Logistic, Loglogistic, Lognormal, Negative Binomial, Normal, Pareto, Pearson V, Pearson VI, Poisson, Polya, Power Function, Rayleigh, Triangular, Uniform, Weibull, Zipf.

Descriptive Statistics

Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Variance, Coefficient of Variation, Skewness, Kurtosis.

Graphical Analysis

Density graphs, Distribution Graphs, Survival Graphs, Difference Graphs, Box Plots, Q-Q Plot, P-P Plot, Scatter Plot, Autocorrelation Graphs

Export to Simulation Products

AnyLogic, Arena, AutoMod, Enterprise Dynamics, ExtendSim, MedModel, Micro Saint, Pedestrian Dynamics, ProcessModel, ProModel, Quest, RiskyProject, SimCad, Simio, SIMUL8, Witness



Goodness of Fit Tests

Chi-squared, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Anderson-Darling, AICC


Parameter Estimates

Maximum Likelihood, Moments

Distribution Viewer

Visualize distributions with our software. Stat::Fit® includes a distribution viewer which provides visualization of the process as well as distribution shaping for the situation where little data exists. Includes moment matching.

Distribution Percentiles

Retrive percentiles of the distribution. Stat::Fit® includes a distribution viewer which provides any percentile for a distribution given the parameters.

Commercial Updates

If you received Stat::Fit® with another product, such as ProModel, ProcessModel, ExtendSim, or Simul8, please contact their customer support desk for any updates or support issues. The current commercial product is an upgrade from previous versions, but is not tied to the other products.

System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10/11, 1 GHz CPU minimum, 64 MB active memory, 25 MB available storage

Stat::Fit® Commercial is licensed for one person, and one computer with one move to a different computer

Please note that Microsoft Defender erroneously indicates that Stat::Fit® may damage your system. To check, right click on [statfit3xxx.exe], scan with Microsoft Defender. This should say "no threats found". If it does, then click "more info" on the Defender screen. You should see the the file comes from an unknown publisher (Geer Mountain Software), hit "run anyway". That will run the install program for Stat::Fit®. Good to go.

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