We are in proud partnership with the following business associations. Obtain the most out of your data program by learning how these programs work with Stat::Fit®:

Stat::Fit® is integrated with ExtendSim Suite and ExtendSim AT from Imagine That, Inc.

Extendsim Logo

ExtendSim is a powerful, leading edge simulation tool. Using ExtendSim, you can develop dynamic models of real-life processes in a wide variety of fields. Use ExtendSim to create models from building blocks, explore the processes involved, and see how they relate. Then change assumptions to arrive at an optimum solution. ExtendSim and your imagination are all you need to create professional models that meet your business, industrial, and academic needs.

Stat::Fit® is incorporated into ProModel products:

ProModel Corporation LogoProModel is simulation software specifically designed to meet the needs of various industries and buisnesses.
MedModel is a dynamic, stochastic, discrete-event simulation program developed specifically for the healthcare environment.

Stat::Fit® is now a plug-in for Simul8

Simul8 Corporation Logo

Simul8 is an integrated environment for working with simulation models. The powerful language and model visualization capabilities enable you to create the accurate, flexible and robust simulations you need in less time. The Professional version of SIMUL8 includes numerous plug-ins for greater extensibility.

Stat::Fit® is built into ProcessModel:

Process Model Logo

ProcessModel is a process engineering tool for visualizing, analyzing and improving business processes. ProcessModel combines simple flowcharting technology with powerful simulation capability to bring flowcharts to life through graphical animation.

Stat::Fit® exports distributions in the form that is expected by your simulation software by converting to the format for that software. Export to these simulation products:

AnyLogic, Arena, AutoMod, Enterprise Dynamics, ExtendSim, MedModel, Micro Saint, Pedestrian Dynamics, ProcessModel, ProModel, Quest, RiskyProject, SimCad, Simio, SIMUL8, Witness

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